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Are you a Director ? Producer ? or an event organizer. Do you conduct auditions often for your movies or Competition . 

Now I have Few Questions for you. 

1. How do you Receive Applicants photos and Videos? 

2. How do you Mange the Applicants Details ? 

3. where Do you store their Photos and Videos ? 

4. How will you use your Previous applicants Data in new Events or Movie Auditions ? 

if your Answer is whatsaap,Trust me i know that Pain of handling 100's people photos and videos and storing them in personal computer hard disc.

You Must Check this Cool platform Which makes your work simple and Data More Organised. 


After Registering In FILMY PROFILE you Need to update your profile. you'll see and Option Called Post Audition. While Filling Detailed Requirement You can also Select on Add Task Button if you do so, you can ask applicant to record in their phones and submit the videos in same Audition Link. 

you will get clear insights on number of view for your post and number applicants and their submissions. Here you have 2 benchmarks. people Who applied will come under Applicants Tab, irrelavant or people who didn't meet the requirement can be rejected at this stage and second round people can be moved to shortlist Tab.
Now this Shortlist Dash board access Can be given to Judges or Other People who involved in Recruitment. They can just view and add their rating from 1-10 stars. you'll get this overall rating on your Shortlisted Dahsboard. now You Can select and reject depending on ratings. 

you can also export all participants Details in CSV formate.

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