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Filmy Profile, App that helps new talents of Film Industry


Every month Thousands of people are choosing their career as Film professionals. It’s not easy to get opportunities in industry. There are people struggling from Decades to get right Opportunity. And the Success rate is Very Less compared to other industry. i can say 2-3% people are Getting through the  Right Opportunities and 97% people are Helpless.
Filmy Profile team has identified Few Challenges that new talents are facing.

The Major Challenges are

In Film industry most of the Opportunities come through reference, it is hard to get opportunity without reference. Unfortunately most of the Beginners doesn't have the References neither they do not know whom to contact.

Auditions info:
Other industry has portals like linked in, monster to job alerts. But film industry doesn't have a portal that works for all categories of Film professionals.

Unstructured resume
For a Film Talent the Portfolio is very important. For pre-auditions the digital Portfolio is very important, every time they can’t share Photos/videos on what’s app or Mail.  Few artist are taking a step forward and making a website with their portfolio which is expensive.   

Filmy Profile is giving a Solution for these Challenges through app

- It Provides Online Portfolio. Every talent can register and update their information including photos,
   Videos & YouTube links.
  And he will be given dedicated link like this can be shared to Auditions.
- It Also Provide you dedicated Job portal.
- Filmy profile provides you an opportunity to communicate with 30+ categories Film Professionals like
  Actor, Director, Dancer, photographer & Similar professionals.
- Online auditions, actors can record and send videos for audition in order to save the time of director          
   Department and actors.

Sakuni techie minds pvt ltd introduced Filmy Profile Founded by its Founder Sudheer Kumar Yandapalli  to Encourage and Guide the New talents Of Film industry.
Our Vision is to increase the opportunities and success ratio at least to 10% so it gives Confidence for the new talents.

You can visit or Download the FILMYPROFILE application from Play store or App store.

Thank you.


  1. Hi please call me we are planning to launch OTT platform need technical team members

  2. Hi please call me we are planning to launch OTT platform need technical team members


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